1. Importing users

How to use all the tools when importing users and groups + understanding what users and groups are used for,
we also show you how to make a data sheet so you can personalize your emails and more

2. How to add a group and identify the group code to link organisations and users


3. How to create main and sub organistaions and using the corect organisation ID in your datasheet 


4. How to load users to your groups and organisations and checking that they work correctly 


How to identify - Adding new group

With Kademi, there are 3 types of groups you can add!

  1. Primary group - These are your main groups, which represent and identify the type of user and there main rolls, every profile should have a primary group,
    primary groups can be setup to give access to certain permissions to a users profile.

  2. Mailing list - So the group of subscribers is referred to as "the mailing list", This is often extended to include the people subscribed to such a list, a subscription group can store  a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients

  3. -User tag, or opt-in group -  User tag group allows you to manage and segments profiled users into groups of  a database, so you can set them into categories, e.g. - age, gender, nationality, seasons, intrests and the types of customers.  (e.g. - you would not want to send an elderly couple a promotion for a rave party,  segment your users so you can send them the correct promotional email,  so you could send the eldery couple a cruiseship deal which will suit there age and intrests).

    -Opt in groups - similar to tags but requires permission by a customer, or a recipient of a email or permissions filed to allow a marketer to send a advert,
    promotional or sales emails etc...

Rolls - Add permissions to profiles of users in groups or organisations

Kademi's easy to use rolls wizzard allows you to add permissions to profiles of users or customers to do specific rolls on your website, for instance if you apply permissions to a content author, he will have access to edit the valid content for your website. You can assign rolls to a specific organisation, to a repository or to a user profile's own organisation.

Map columns - uploading users

Kademi's wizzard makes it easy to link the fields required for user profiles, when you send multipile emails or when you have users loging onto your website, awarding points, rewards, purchases or assigning them to groups and there are many more options to use, Mapping the data sheet from a CSV file is easy and timeless and can upload millions of user profile's information to groups and organisations. Simply select the correct field to your CSV data sheet, Kademi can even create custom fields for your company.


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